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How To Visual Market Your Business on instagram

Perspective 28 June, 2016

Visual marketing is one of the latest buzz in the social media world that entrepreneurs can use to provide their audience with unique visual content and short videos to enhance their social media presence, grow their brand awareness, increase engagement, and build a strong relationship with their customers through interaction by creating a fun interesting yet educating community.
Founded in October 2010, Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media channels in the digital marketing business, with over 400 million users, an average of 80 million photos posted each day and 3.5 billion likes per day.

The visual based app has variety of tools and features to help you create a suitable content serving your business, yet attracting your target audience; from basic editing tools to cool filters; you can keep your customers informed, entertained and loyal to your brand.
You can also link your Instagram account to different social media platforms which can drive you more targeted audience from various channels


#Instagram :

Instagram may not be the first platform to adopt hashtags, but it definitely popularized them; hashtags are your magic wand that gets your content discovered by audience; use keywords related to your business yet commonly hashtaged around the platform to reach your target audience. Staying up to do date with the trending Instagram hashtags and using the right ones will make it easier for audience to find you, know about your brand and interact; typing hashtags isn’t a trifle thing to be taken irresponsibly, hashtags can build you a whole community of customers.


Boosting your business:

• Generating 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter; running an engaging Instagram account with high quality pictures/videos along with educating and fun content can boost your business and build up a community of loyal audience.
• Your Instagram account can drive more traffic to your website by adding a link to your bio, where it’s the only box where you can add a hyperactive one.
• Interacting with your followers not just on your account, but on theirs as well by liking their pictures related to your business, commenting, reposting or even following your active loyal followers, that can build trust with your audience and getting your brand more popular.

Now that Instagram has the ads feature, you can reach a wider range of target audience; starting from broader brand campaigns to brand awareness, Instagram ads increase your reach and frequency leading to higher engagement and eventually increasing sales.

Control Your Ads:

• You can control the number of people that ads are reached to and how frequently the ads are shown.
• You can optimize the delivery of your ads to people who are most likely potential customers
• Since you’re creating an engaging content targeting specific group of people, Instagram ads allow you to target audience according to taste, preference and behavior.
• You are able to see exactly how your content is performing with your desired audience as Instagram is providing high detailed analytics.

Instagram Ads:

With its various types of ads, Instagram allows brands to choose the one that serves their business the best.

Picture Ads :

You get to create sponsored posts featuring a product/service you offer, adding “calls to action” feature like “shop now”, “install now”, “sign up”, “learn more”, etc, that allows audience to engage directly with your brand.
One of the effective ways to elicit genuine participation is to have customers use their own content and use it for your campaign with credit; and that’s what Nike is doing with their PHOTOiD campaign, it lets users design, share and buy customized shoes created by the users themselves, customers can upload their favorite Instagram photos, then design shoes that complement the photo.


Carousel Ads – Better ways to tell a story-:

Carousel ads give a brand more flexibility to tell their stories by posting parts of the full pictures next to it each other and you get the full picture when a user opens the instagram account, allowing people who see their ads to swipe left to see additional images and a link to a website of the brand’s choice.
• Mercedes Benz took the Instagram experience to new interactive heights, with a tool allowing users to build their own Mercedez-Benz GLA.


• The users get to choose a color, wheels, roof, etc., every option they choose takes them to a new Instagram page, with information about their selection (details, additional cost).


• Then they are invited to make another selection, at the end of the process, the user ends up on a page for their own custom car.


Campaign Goals: Drive awareness, interaction and preference, increasing traffic and sales.
Results: 100,000 Instagram likes and 20,000 new followers.

The 30 Second Video Ad Story:

Adding the cinematic vibe to ads, Instagram has published 30-second video ads allowing advertisers to attract a new scale of the target audience, and keeping the loyal ones entertained.

Gap has launched #SpringIsWeird ,a series of 12 short films, 15 seconds each, telling the love story of actress Jenny Slate and actor Paul Dano.
The series presents and promotes Gap’s top trends of the spring season; Dano and Slate navigate chance encounters, first dates and moody spring weather in the hope of finding their perfect fit.

The click-through rates for Instagram are impressive as Instagram users are 2.5 times more likely to click on an ad than on other social media platforms.
Instagram gives your business an opportunity to capture a great market share among competitors, with a community of more than 400 million users; it provides your brand with a powerful platform where you can reach new audiences, build strong relationships with them through interactive content and encouraging them to engage with your brand.
Whether you’re a start up business or an international brand, you definitely will find the suitable feature and tool to serve your brand the best, generate more engagement and increase your sales.

Menna El Baz

Content Creator

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How To Visual Market Your Business on instagram

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