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The 5 Ads Taking Over Social Media This Ramadan

Reports 28 June, 2016

With more than 35 ads swirling around TV and the internet, brands have been competing over creating unique ads to win the consumer over. Every Ramadan, brands take an extra mile to make a creative ad that can get people talking about it all year long.
With that tough competition, only 5 brands succeeded in the first week of Ramadan to win the audience over with their creative ads, and getting the highest views and shares on various social media channels.

Here are the most watched ads on social media:

– Etisalat:
Etisalat new ad captured more than 7 million views on Facebook, along with more than 198 thousands reactions, 28 thousands shares and 774 thousands views on Youtube.
Bringing Egyptian youth together doing different activities along with “Takhyl” by Asalah as a theme song for the ad, Etisalat changed its message to “Imagine Tomorrow”.

Marketing Agency: TNT

– Vodafone:
Taking the traditional appeal, Vodafone brought 11 Egyptian celebrities to sing the ad theme song. The Ad reached more than 8.2 million views, 527 thousands reactions, 208 thousands shares only on Facebook; and more than one million views on Youtube.
Marketing Agency: BBDO
– Orange:
Orange’s very first Ramadan ad received 1.1 million views on Facebook with 7.7 thousands reactions and 560 shares; while the ad reached more than 300 thousands views on twitter.

– Labanita:
Bringing back the two hilarious cows Sawsan and Souad, Labanita’s two ads captured more than 800 thousands views on Facebook, 200 thousands on Youtube. The two Labinita ads show how cows can’t do anything right but produce dairy products; Sawasn and Soad actually have their own account on Facebook with more than 2000 friends.

– Juhayana:
One of the first ads this Ramadan to create such a buzz and controversy around them, between people loving the ads, to others call for banning them as they think it’s abusing babies and promote for sexual harassment.
Whether you like the four ads or not, they are a huge hit on social media scoring more than 850 thousands views, almost 15thousands shares on Facebook, and 766 thousands views on Youtube
Marketing Agency: KTP

Ramadan ads competition has just begun; new ads get uploaded every day to different social media platforms waiting to capture the audience attention and highest view rates.
Digitree will be following up with every ad and every brand on social media networks.

Menna El Baz

Content Creator

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The 5 Ads Taking Over Social Media This Ramadan

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