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How Could Brands Benefit from Pokemon Go

Reports 21 July, 2016

Pokemon Go has been on the rise for the last couple of weeks, and people are losing their minds trying to catch them all everywhere, companies have been sending warnings to employees to stop chasing pokemons in workplaces; accidents have already happened for the sake of those virtual creatures.

In 2014, Google launched a teaser video on youtube called “Pokemon Master” claiming there would be a game allowing people to catch pokemons in the real world using their devices cameras and GPS, a lot of people believed it was just an April fool.

Nintiack – a Google startup in cooperation with – developed a mobile app game based on augmented reality technology using your location and camera to capture pokemons in the real world. The game was launched in July 5th in 4 countries and people are already obsessed.

According to Smillerweb, more than 17 million official and unofficial downloads worldwide. APK mirror website received 4.5 million visits for Pokemon Go only which is considered a massive traffic to the website since it only receives 12 million per month.

On Twitter, #pokemonGo hashtag gained 20 million impressions, according to Socialbakers, players spend on Pokemon Go 45 minutes average daily, which is more than the average time spent on the top social media platforms like whatsapp and Facebook messenger.


Pokemon daily active users almost reach twitter daily active users
v-twitter (1)

Due to this huge buzz all over the world, Egyptian brands started to make newsjacking posts in order to engage with their fans by using this trend to tempt them to catch rare pokemons in their local stores or/and try to connect between Pokemon Go and their services.


How brands could benefit from Pokemon Go?

In an interview with the Financial times Niantic CEO John Hanke, he talked about the company’s plans for sponsored locations – a way that local businesses can transform their stores into Poké Stops for cash. However, Hanke didn’t give a timetable for these sponsorships.

We are expecting that Niantic will act quickly to capitalize on the hype. Though, at the moment it’s unclear if retailers will be able to opt for more than a Poké Stop, or if they’ll be able to provide rare Pokémon as well. Either way, these agreements should add a win-win scenario for both players and businesses when they launch in the future.

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Menna El Baz

Content Creator

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How Could Brands Benefit from Pokemon Go

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