Al rawi Magazine

Al Rawi Magazine


The quarterly portal through which this multiple-personality-disorder that is Egypt comes into perspective. Just as the title suggests, they are the storytellers who take it upon themselves to walk around carrying over fascinating stories of the past to entertain their awe-inspired audience. It is a historical lens through which this mystical land with its interchanging faces is reflected and revealed The magazine has an enchanting persona that is preserved through as it acquired its online identity through this website. Its virtual presence is very convenient to the very historically-extant character of this project, since an online virtual identity is the highlight of our present-day.

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We were lucky enough to build and launch their website online, to cave in and make the magazine available for the virtual gurus. The website provides a lot of features that completes the experience, like:

  • Checking their calendar that marks the current cultural events around Cairo.
  •  Getting an insight of the next issue’s topics, through a visually interesting flash banner.
  • Skimming through headlines about the latest news related to historic findings.
  • Reading the current issue online, in a fascinating animated way.
  • Contacting the magazine’s team directly for any inquiries. Al Rawi’s website is your lead on to the track of your curious quest into Egyptian history.


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