Galaxy rendezvous

Galaxy Galaxy


Galaxy chocolate is also known as Dove chocolate depending upon the area of the world where you are shopping. Both brands are marketed by the Mars Company. In the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and Africa, the brand is referred to as Galaxy chocolate.


Brief :

Galaxy rendezvous was a light Personality game launched by Galaxy on ground event in association with spoon studio encourages you to take a moment to be your own spectator to reflect on your mood state recently & your personality understanding to help you make the best out of your ‘Me-Time’ moment. As your partner in chocolate understands the essentiality of ‘Me-Time’, where you take a moment to yourself to connect & enjoy your true self to go back more fully to a world that increasingly demands more of you. You get to answer the quiz questions using the instructions given to find out which personality you are from a psychological perspective of personality understanding.

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