Cairo Key

Cairo Key

Never run out of options, know your way around town. If you are sick of going out to the same old places, if you are tired of getting lost in Cairo’s infamous traffic jams because you can’t find your way to a place, or even if you are stuck in one of those situations where you need to run find the nearest ATM machine or gas station. Many have posted their reviews and opinions about their experiences for you to plan and have the perfect outing! Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5. 


  • - Cairo Key gets you connected to the cinemas’, restaurants’ and cafes’ locations.
  • - Skim through the alphabetically ordered list of destinations.
  • - Whether it’s an emergency or a shopping necessity, feel free to skim through the names of hospitals and malls for their contact information, through the desired sections.
  • - Get fascinated by Egypt’s touristic sites.


  • - Comparing places and services has been made easier. You will be aware of the quality and type of service received. All the rating, reviews and descriptions fall unde r the “Popular” section.
  • - Find hotlines for any food chain, institutes and more and call them directly through the app.
  • - This one you wouldn’t want to miss! Receive “Push Notifications” for upcoming events in town, from musical to openings.
  • - Using the “Near Me” option and get instant directions to your destination.
  • - Add your feedback to help other users compare and contrast. We could defiantly agree that Cairo Key is your ultimate escort around town. Available for IOS and Android.

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